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FRP Ladders are commonly used in industrial settings to provide access to elevated locations or to allow for safe exit in case of an emergency. The need for a reliable, durable and resistant ladder makes choosing a fiberglass reinforced plastic ladder from Marco Specialty Steel a great idea.

Advantages of FRP Ladders :

Earlier, ladders were mainly made up of bamboo and wood. However, nowadays, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and aluminum have come up as the ladder making materials. Each of the two materials has its own distinct merits and limitations. Aluminum has been appreciated as an excellent material for making ladders. However, FRP has certain features, which makes FRP ladders more suitable to be used in industrial sectors. This article outlines the prominent differences between aluminum ladders and FRP ladders.


One of the major differences between FRP ladders and aluminum ladders is in terms of their strength. As compared to ladders made up of aluminum, FRP ladders are far stronger. It is not that steps of aluminum are not strong; the strength is based on the material’s grade. A ladder that has been made up of low grade aluminum can bend very easily. On the other hand, an FRP ladder can crack when subjected to excessive load.

FRP Ladder

FRP Ladder