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FRP Manhole Cover

Before FRP came into existence, manhole covers were traditionally manufactured from concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete, cast iron, ductile iron or PVC materials, but these materials had their own shortcomings like low load carrying efficiency. FRP is considered to be the best alternate material for manhole covers as it has longer life span and has the capability to withstand heavy loads. Increase in heavy traffic and expensive metals completely replaced traditional covers with FRP manhole covers.

Advantages :

Reasons for choosing FRP Manhole Covers over other ordinary covers are :

  • 100% waterproof, corrosion free material with zero scalp value
  • Light in weight & easy to handle
  • Available in different granite finishes
  • Can withstand heavy loads of traffic

Applications :

FRP Manhole Covers find wide application in :

  • Inspection chambers for sewerage
  • Underground Electrical Cabling
  • Telecom Cabling
  • Water, Gas and Petroleum Installations
  • Beautification of Gardens and Landscapes
FRP Manhole Cover

FRP Manhole Cover