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FRP Pipes
Fiberglass reinforced pipes (FRP) are used in trenchless installation of pipelines because it is lightweight, temperature resistant, strong, and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.
FRP Borewell Filters
FRP Make Pressure Sand Filter Our Company hold expertaree in manufacturing of Water Purifiers which include FRP Make Pressure Sand Filter Filter provided by us are extensively used for filtration of suspended soiled particles from water.
FRP Rebar
FRP Rebar has been developed as a non-corrosive alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement and is suitable for any structural or architectural application where a material that is corrosion resistant, lightweight or non-conductive is required.
FRP Dielectric Rods
Dielectric is insulator, it is generally preferred in front of the electrical panel and in duct solutions where electricity is not wanted.
FRP Gratings
FRP gratings are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, a material that is comparatively lighter, sturdier, anti-corrosive and slip-resistant as well.
FRp Cable Trays
Our cable support systems are available in two types- Ladder cable tray and perforated cable tray. These are good replacement of those cable trays that easily get corrode, spread heat and erode.
FRP Ladders
FRP Ladders are commonly used in industrial settings to provide access to elevated locations or to allow for safe exit in case of an emergency.
FRP Poles
our manufactured FRP Poles meet the highest international standards for their high strength, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, Mechanical strength, long life and safety.
FRP Manhole Cover
FRP is considered to be the best alternate material for manhole covers as it has longer life span and has the capability to withstand heavy loads.