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What is FRP ?

Wood rots. Steel rusts. Aluminum dents. Fiber reinforced polymer lasts.

Traditional building materials have their place. But for harsh, corrosive environments, CENG fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a smart choice.

CENG structural fiberglass has the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight. It won’t corrode, rot, attract insect damage or conduct electricity. It can be formed into countless FRP profiles to fit your specs. And decades later when those other materials need to be replaced, it will still have plenty of life.

In short, fiberglass gives you a different way to solve your design challenges — one that can reduce costs and improve performance in the long run. To maximize these benefits, however, it’s best to design with the properties of fiberglass reinforced polymer in mind from the start. Our engineers and fabricators can help.

Why FRP?

FRP has superior mechanical and chemical properties as compared to steel and/or plastic (PVC). Moreover, it can match the price of steel for the same mechanical strength.

FRP vs Steel

  • Lighter (1/4th the weight of steel)
  • Stronger
  • Inert and non-reactive
  • Longevity (more than double the life)
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-conductive (insulator)
  • Can be molded into complex shapes
  • Does not rust
  • Cost Effective

FRP is slowly replacing mainstream usage of steel. Commonly used fibers are

  • Aramid fiber: Bulletproof Kevlar vests
  • Carbon fiber: new generation aircraft body
  • Glass fiber: Boats, pressure vessels, car body reinforcement, tanks, pipelines, rebar, poles, insulators, etc.

What are FRP Tanks.?

FRP Tanks come in all shapes and sizes, and are phasing out large steel tanks. FRP provides

  • Higher mechanical strength.
  • Light weight.
  • Inert and non-reactive with both the environment and its contents.
  • Non-corrosive to the environment.

However, steel tanks still dominate in high temperature applications such as boiler vessels or high temperature reaction chambers. Applications where strength and spillage is not a major concern (eg. <10 KL water tanks) are dominated by plastic(PVC) tanks due to its nominal price point.

High quality, Lighter, Stronger, cost effective and Customizable.

 We manufacture FRP tanks by filament winding and contact moulding techniques in all form factors.

  • Rectangular tanks
  • Cylindrical tanks with hemispherical/dome shaped/conical/flat ends.
  • Custom shapes.

Tanks are generally designed as per BS EN 13121 guidelines. However, customer’s specification forms the sole basis of designing and testing FRP Tanks.

Applicable industries:

Chemical process industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing industry, Metal refining industry, Pulp and paper industry, Metal finishing industry, Fertilizer industry, Desalination plants, Water treatment plants, Petroleum industry.

Tanks can be further classified into two categories

  • Underground storage tanks
  • Aboveground storage tanks

Underground sump tanks/ Petroleum storage tanks:

 Underground Storage Tanks (also called USTs) are massive units set underground to hold great measures of gases, liquids or some other unsafe substances, most commonly petroleum.

Tanks that were initially made of steel with enough coating did not prove to be ample enough to store gallons of oil. Back in countries like Europe and the USA, underground petroleum tanks started leaking after a certain point in time. The evident reason behind it was metal corrosion that hugely polluted the groundwater. There did arise a lot of environmental concerns as a result of which the American Institute of Petroleum came up with the idea of the FRP Tank.

Many recognized oil storage companies replaced steel tanks with FRP Tanks within days of their introduction in the market.  Steel tanks were prone to corrosion within 15 years, whereas FRP tanks withheld showing corrosive indications even after 30 years.

Our founders have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing FRP products. Our founders were among the first to introduce underground sump tanks to the oil industry in India. Since then, their proprietary designed tanks have been installed in Oil refineries pan India, and have withstood the test of time for more than 30 years.


FRP underground storage tank is generally installed in oil filling stations, refineries, sewage treatment plants, etc.

 Double walled tanks:

 Double-wall FRP oil storage tank, or double-wall oil tank for short, is made by adding a fiber reinforce plastic layer on the single-wall steel tank. There is a high-efficient leak detection device set between the inner steel tank and outer FRP tank to supervise the whole process for 24 hours. Once leak accidents occur, the sensor of the leak detection device can monitor the fluid level and send an alert to ensure the safe use of the oil tank.

The high safety and environmental protection performance of double-wall FRP oil storage tanks indirectly drives cost down for customers. Simultaneously, double-wall oil tank has service life of at least five times longer than ordinary oil tank.


Double-wall FRP oil storage tank is generally installed in filling stations, water source protection and recharge areas to prevent liquid leaking and protect environment.

Chemical Storage Tanks:

FRP chemical storage tank (also known as FRP chemical storage vessel), is designed to store high corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils and esters. It can used at high temperature, under high pressure and performs well in preventing seepage, leakage and overflowing.


FRP chemical storage tanks which can store acids, alkalis, bromine, caustic, chlorine, alcohols and other chemicals, are widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, desalination, power, refinery and sewerage treatment plants.


Covered with plastic film and waterproof cloth. Placed on the sleepers and rubber isolation bearings.

Water storage tanks:

 Cutting Edge Engineering water storage tanks (or FRP water storage vessels), adopts high-strength acid and alkali resistant materials, including organic resin and fibreglass. It has excellent performance in filtering waste particles and pungent odour. Meanwhile, it has the function of ionic exchanging, disinfecting, adsorbing the organics, softening water quality and making water alkaline. Our water storage tanks are an ideal choice for water storage and treatment, such as residential, industrial, municipal, commercial application and so forth. It performs well in resisting chemical corrosion and it can store corrosive media, including kinds of acid, alkali, salt, oil and organic solvent. Due to its excellent food-grade performance, FRP water storage tank meets the operating requirements of brewage and food industry well.


Cutting Edge Engineering water storage tanks have extensive usage in filtering the suspended solids and pungent odour. Meanwhile, it can be applied to soften the hard water by reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium and metal cations.

Because of the notable advantage of our water storage tanks, it is widely used in many field, including aquaculture, water treatment, chemical, textile, biology and food industry, rain water harvesting, etc.

Sugar Storage tanks:

 Being a client-centric organisation, Cutting Edge Ngineering is engaged in offering a distinct collection of Sugar Syrup Storage Tanks. We design these tanks specific to the sugar industry with materials that are inert to sugar and other raw materials.

Paint storage tanks:

Cutting Edge Ngineering has established a close working relationship with a large, international name brand paint manufacturer. In doing so, Cutting Edge Ngineering has developed customized solutions for large bulk storage tanks containing paint ingredients as well as finished paint products. Water-based paints do not and will not permeate the material of a FRP storage tank.

Compared to steel tanks, no costly re-coating or re-lining of the tank is needed. Maintenance time and costs are eliminated.

Lower cost – Our tanks are less costly than steel tanks at the initial purchase. They typically last longer than steel tanks (a Cutting Edge Ngineering paint storage tank generally has a useful life of over 30 years), and have the advantage of lower maintenance costs as explained in the points above.

FRP Tank Straps:

 Our hold-down straps are designed to increase the retention of underground storage systems and are used by major underground storage tank providers. This high-quality cost-effective product is engineered for easy install and manufactured under strict quality standards in order to fully comply with client specifications.

Our straps are well known for their quality and reliability. In fact, 70% to 75% of the weight of the strap is high quality fiberglass roving.

Adaptable to your underground storage tank systems:

 Our straps adapt to all types of tanks and situations. No matter the size of the tank, the type of environment or whether the tank is installed in a trench with open or tight walls, our straps will increase the retention of your underground storage tank systems.

Rectangular Tanks
Fibrograts rectangular FRP tanks find use in varying sectors across industry. Owing to high strength, long life & corrosion resistance these tanks are an excellent solution for corroding metal containers.
Underground Sump Tanks
Underground water tank is a sturdy single moulded piece built to withstand underground pressure. Being hidden from view and freeing up space above-ground are its two great benefits.
Chemical Storage Tanks
FRP Chemicals Tanks are made with large diameters and possess higher laminate strengths. Moreover, the filament winding techniques in the FRP tanks enable optimal material characteristics as per design requirements
Underground Sewage Storage Tanks
It retains solids and allows them to settle out, where they are partially broken down by biological “Anaerobic” action by microbes and bacteria. The remaining liquid (normally called effluent) is left to flow down towards the outlet drain.
Double Walled Tanks
A double-walled tank is designed to provide secondary containment by enhancing the protection against tank failure. It can be customized by adding ultrasonic level indicators, leak detectors, and tank ladder assemblies to identify and monitor in case of any leakage.
Water StorageTanks
We are a complete water storage solution provider company. With our three decades of trust, superior quality, cutting-edge technology and consumer-friendly designs, our plastic water storage tanks have a track record of excellence, making us the best water tank brand in business.
Sugar Storage Tanks
we offer sugar syrup mixing tank with filter machine, jacketed tank with agitator, stainless steel storage tanks, jacketed stainless steel tank, double jacketed pressure vessels and ss mixing tank.
Paint Storage Tanks
we are highly engaged in providing a unique range of Paint Industry Storage Tanks. These tanks are used for storing chemical and paints. To ensure its robustness, these tanks are duly inspected on numerous parameters by quality controllers.
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
he tank or cistern is the centerpiece of a rainwater harvesting system. It is the one component that requires the most attention since it drives the efficiency of the system but also the aesthetics of the system as well.
Petroleum Storage Tanks
These cylindrical tanks are used in various industries and are manufactured as per the specifications of client. These tanks are appreciated for their durability and corrosion resistant nature.
FRP Tank Straps
Our hold-down straps are designed to increase the retention of underground storage systems and are used by major underground storage tank providers. This high-quality cost-effective product is engineered for easy install and manufactured under strict quality standards in order to fully comply with client specifications.